Laser cutting used to shape this holder. Laser marking enables us to mark on almost any surface or material.  

With years of experience in the Pad Printing industry & now with our move into the Laser Marking industry, our team of print professionals can advise and explain exactly what materials are best to use, sizes to select, and technology to use -laser/or Pad.These all affect the design & layout you can use for obtaining the final product you’re looking for! Our team is dedicated to satisfy your most demanding print requirements and we can guarantee our professional work to meet those requirements.

In laser engraving & etching, good communication between the supplier and the customer is vital. Whether you are thinking of using a certain material, a particular laser method, that could damage the structure; or if the design is too complex for the surface; even if you don't  know where to begin, you can rest assured you will find all the answers by talking to us!

Graphics Definitions for Laser Engraving - some technical low down.

Raster Engraving is much like a dot-matrix’ high resolution printer but using a laser beam instead. Raster engraving is used to create highly detailed graphic images. The laser head scans back and forth, left to right, engraving a series of dots one line at a time. You can raster engrave scanned images, text, clipart, photographs, or line drawings.

Vector Cutting is a continuous path(or series of vectors) that follows the outline, or profile, of an image, much like a pen plotter would. Vector cutting is normally used to cut completely through materials such as wood, acrylic, paper, etc. We can accept and convert nearly any file format you have. Most artwork files require some minor tweaking before we can run your final project. If you require assistance in adjusting or creating artwork, give us a call!

Our Laser Application Areas Include:

  • Awards and Trophies
  • Barcodes and Serial Numbers
  • Laser marking as permanent identification
  • Medical Technologies
  • Permanent and resistant identification
  • Promotional Items
  • Signage and Displays
  • Smartphones, Laptops and Personalized Engraving​

About Laser Marking